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The Unrivaled Leader In Influencer Marketing

Using the industry’s richest data, powered by the smartest AI, we precisely match brands with the right talent to reach the right audiences to drive business impact.

Always-on platform

Powered by IBM Watson

Human passion meets AI

Seamless client workflow

100B+ data points searched

Deep creator + content insights

Most granular influencer search

Comprehensive audience analysis

Engagement analysis

Psychographic analysis

AI image recognition

Real-time reporting

Trusted by over 60% of the Fortune 500

$2.5+ Billion

In measured sales for our Brand and Agency Partners

Over 3.5 Million

creators in network

API Partners

With all major social media platforms

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The Most Advanced AI

Psychographic Analysis via:

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For nearly a decade via our exclusive partnership with IBM Watson, we’ve been training and refining the AI that drives our platform to ensure that no one pairs talent to brands with our level of specificity and success.

The Most Robust Results



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Influential campaigns have resulted in $2.5B in measurable sales for our partners. No one can successfully predict and prove ROI for every campaign like us.

The Most Experienced Experts

Seamless Collaboration

Detailed Campaign Reporting

Breakthrough Creative

Always-On Optimization

Dedicated Campaign Team

Our expert band of strategists and managers guide every campaign from start to finish. Deftly handling all creator relationships. Our team has an average NPS of 87, double the national average.

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We just make it feel that way. With expert insights from the most experienced team with a finger on the pulse of culture. Where human perception meets best-in-class machine learning.



We influence culture just as much as we influence ROI.



"It is not every day that you meet fellow bold disruptors with kind hearts like Chris and Ryan. They contribute tangible value to your brand(s) while also being a pleasure to work with. Influential’s platform, data, and insights are on another level. I highly recommend Influential to supercharge your marketing efforts."

Kory Marchisotto

Chief Marketing Officer

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"Thanks to the Influential team's expertise and hard work, we were able to reach a wider audience than ever before during our Big Draft campaign and connect new voices to our mission. Their thoughtful approach to influencer selection and content creation resulted in engaging and impactful posts that encouraged new followers to get involved with our organization and make a difference in the lives of young people in need."

Artis Stevens

President & CEO

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"The influential team has proven to be a true partner, not a vendor. They come from a place of yes, and get creative to adapt their offerings and working model to meet the needs of our clients."

Steve Birnbaum

EVP, Managing Director

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"The only thing I said after the team reviewed the results was, can we triple it next year?"

Dean Evans

Chief Marketing Officer

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"Innovative campaigns like these from Influential allow marketers to go beyond basic measurements like post engagement and impressions and dive into more sophisticated metrics like sales lift, return on ad spend and halo effects."

Nishat Mehta

President of Media

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"After conducting due diligence among social-analytics players, WME determined that Influential has engineered a perfect place for brands and talent to ultimately find each other, in a pretty compelling way. It struck us that there's nothing really like this out there."

Chris Jacquemin

Head of Digital

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