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The most challenging component to a successful campaign is selecting the right influencers. Influential eliminates that pain point by leveraging AI and machine learning to suggest influencers through actionable insights and predictive intelligence.

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From influencer selection to campaign reporting, Influential delivers unparalleled results for your influencer marketing initiatives.

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Discover your undercover audiences through our Social Intelligence™ and inform your distribution, content and targeting.

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Select your influencers with our IBM Watson technology, vet them for competitive brand mentions, MPAA ratings, even DUIs and felonies. Execute via our brand safe gateway and deliver data-informed content both via native and paid optimization.

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Use our custom audiences to target and track your consumers, mapping back ROI both online and offline. We use purchase behaviors, location, weather and TV data to convert your audience.

Start Maximizing Your ROI

Influential leverages AI and machine learning to make influencer programs turnkey and effective. See how we optimize campaigns for the world's top brands and ad agencies.


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Join thousands of the most successful social media stars on Influential and receive opportunities from the hottest companies in every vertical. Get matched with the perfect brands for your audience!


Step Up Your Game

Influential works with the biggest and most exciting brands in every industry to deliver award winning influencer marketing campaigns. It's free to join and super easy to get started.


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As a talent agent or manager, you will now get unprecedented access to the influencer marketing activity of talent under management. Take action on their behalf and view account data across your entire roster.


Onboard Talent
Easily add creators and influencers under management to your account. Always stay synced and view all activity at a glance.


Manage Dealflow
View and manage campaign opportunities and offers on behalf of your talent. Get notified when influencers take action.


Gain Insights
View performance and earnings statistics and gain audience insights on individual social accounts you manage.

Influencer Management

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The Watson™ capabilities embedded in Influential's platform offer a cutting edge way to identify the social influencers who will resonate with a brand's audience and deliver the most meaningful engagements.


Stephen Gold

CMO, IBM Watson

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We are very proud to be working with some of the world's leading brands and advertising agencies, in a multitude of verticals and industries. We work with those who desire more from their influencer marketing programs - those who demand a data-first approach and results they can measure.

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Brands & Ad Agencies

Select the perfect influencers, execute world-class campaigns and receive comprehensive reports and analytics.

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Talent Management

Manage campaign opportunities for your talent, take action on their behalf and gain insights on social account performance.

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Influencers & Creators

Work with top brands who are perfect for your audience and get valuable statistics on all of your social accounts.

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