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Calling an Audible

Man with headphones listening deeply to the Amazon Audible social campaign by Influential.


Build Brand Awareness and Drive Website Traffic

The Stats

The Approach

Inspired by draft season, Influential recruited recent NFL draft picks to join with Audible to kickstart a social campaign entitled Calling an Audible. We pinpointed the strongest possible team of newly minted NFL players to execute this idea. Each player filmed videos sharing what calling an audible means to them on and off the football field. How the ability to quickly pivot to find the right path can often lead to unexpected success. The players also tied their content back to how they use Audible in their personal lives and professionally.

The Result

The Calling an Audible campaign outperformed the brand’s positivity benchmark by 43 percentage points. Both view-through rates and TikTok engagement exceeded their benchmarks as well. Additionally, the campaign hit an astounding 98% non-negative sentiment rating. Not entirely surprising for a campaign that garnered 250K organic views. At no point during this campaign was anyone forced to call an audible.

Ready to Create Impact?