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As a talent agent or manager, you can now onboard your talent roster into the Influential Marketplace, monetize social accounts and get unparalleled access to manage campaigns on their behalf - all for free.

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Influencer / Creator Management

Easily onboard your entire roster of talent and manage their accounts. Get notified when action is required and gain visibility into their activity.

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Opportunities & Offers

Receive campaign opportunities and offers on behalf of your talent, negotiate rates and submit content across all of their social accounts.

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Monetize Across Social

Increase dealflow for you and your talent across all major social accounts including Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, Twitter and Snapchat.

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Keep Track of Earnings

View aggregate and individual financial data on opportunities, offers and earnings for talent under management on the Influential platform.

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Team Management

Invite and onboard an unlimited number agents and managers so your entire team can view and take action on talent they represent.

Talent Management for Influencer Marketing

View your entire talent roster and oversee dealflow for each influencer or creator under management. Individual agents or managers are assigned to the talent they are responsible for while the account admin can view everyone across the entire team.

Influencer Management

Take Action on Opportunities

As a talent agent or manager, you now have unprecedented access to respond to campaign offers and submit rates on their behalf.

Influential uses AI and machine learning to match your influencers and creators with brand opportunities that will resonate with their specific audience and maximize engagement.

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Dealflow Everywhere

The Influential Marketplace supports campaigns on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Snapchat and YouTube so you can generate revenue across your talent’s entire social presence.

Numbers at a Glance

As your talent roster receives campaign opportunities and offers, you can quickly view the total value of potential dealflow as well as actual earnings from completed offers. Dive deeper to get data on specific talent and assess missed opportunities from your team to increase future earnings.

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Talent Representation for Social

Influential is the first influencer platform to deliver true visibility for talent agents and managers into branded content opportunities. Onboard your entire roster and manage their dealflow across social.