You social media creators have your work cut out for you.

As budding entrepreneurs, you’re responsible for growing your personal brands, expanding your reach, and knowing how to leverage your branded content to drive revenue—all without sacrificing your voice. To put that another way, you have to be a CEO, a marketer, and a content producer all rolled into one.

Wouldn’t it be great if you could let someone else take over the responsibilities of growth and leave you free to focus on content creation? This is the key benefit of the Influential Marketplace: By tapping into Influential’s advanced influencer marketing engine, creators can find the perfect brands to partner with and free themselves of the burden of campaign management.

Get Paid to Produce Through Brand Partnerships

The world of social media influence is growing fast. According to research, 92 percent of marketers who leveraged influencer marketing in 2017 believed it to be an effective strategy, and 39 percent said they would increase their influencer spending budgets in 2018.

This is how creators can get paid. Rather than relying on insubstantial ad revenue, creators can team up with brands to produce sponsored content.

The problem is that, as many experienced influencers can attest, plenty of companies are only out for themselves. These content sweatshops ask you to break your back producing nonstop content or, worse yet, content that makes you feel like a sellout, all the while taking the value you provide for granted.

And these situations are why Influential’s matchmaking platform are so effective. Influential is powered by IBM’s Watson, the supercomputing powerhouse of Jeopardy! fame. The platform is based around machine learning systems that excel in data aggregation and pattern recognition. Thousands of social media brands and creators are assessed side-by-side and matched on how well their personas align.

For creators, this means that every match made by Influential will be customized to elicit the highest amount of value for both brand and influencer alike.

Push Your Personal Brand to the Next Level

But the benefits of these networks aren’t limited to the partnership itself. Influential is the perfect way for creators to push their personal brands to the next level:

  • Master Opportunities and Offers: Do you want instant access to every offer on the table? The Influential Marketplace lets you receive direct offers from brands that match your audience and lets you respond directly from the app itself. You can track your earnings, see the combined value of your offers, and get a total overview of your overall revenue across all your social accounts.
  • Streamlined Publishing: Tired of switching back and forth among each of your personal accounts? Instead of logging in to each profile, your branded content can be submitted directly in the Influential app. Influential can even post messages on your behalf on certain social channels.
  • Rate Negotiation: Are you being paid what you’re worth? Influential offers rate negotiation tools based on the rates and specifications of thousands of established matches. Influential will send you a suggested rate for each opportunity—and let you send counteroffers from the app.
  • Social Statistics: Are you getting sick of watching the needle move for dozens of different social metrics? Influential offers free statistics and audience demographic data for each of the social accounts you manage.

Jumpstart Your Career with Influential

The Influential marketplace isn’t just a way to connect with brands; it’s an all-in-one social media influencer tool you can use to manage your budding career. Whether you’re struggling with creating organic growth, managing your content production, or knowing how much you should be earning, Influential has you covered.