The myth of Sisyphus is one of the more popular tales in Greek mythology.

As the story goes, Sisyphus was a very clever mortal who was savvy enough to outwit even the Gods themselves. He cheated death several times in this way before being dragged to Hades for his crimes. As punishment for making the Gods look like fools, he was forced to push a massive boulder up a mountain for the rest of his days, only to watch it roll back to the bottom every time he reached the summit.

The idea behind the myth is that there’s no greater punishment than futile labor — that continually throwing yourself at a task only to see your efforts come to naught is a fate worse than death.

Such as it is with social media marketing. Without strategies such as influencer marketing to back you up, your company might be forever rolling that boulder up the mountain.

It’s harder than ever to get noticed

Nobody can deny that generating interest on social media is a rather Sisyphean task. It’s difficult, time-consuming, and even a single misstep can cause you to lose all the ground you’ve gained.

This is due, in part, to the massive number of brands trying to market on social media these days. With nearly 80 percent of companies using social media marketing to support their business goals, there’s more competition than ever. Brands can spend thousands on social outreach strategies without much to show for it. According to some estimates, the average company wasted between 18 to 50 percent of its social media marketing spend in 2017.

Could this be a fate even worse than that of Sisyphus? The poor guy had an eternity of damnation but at least his boss never grilled him for mishandling the company’s marketing budget.

Take a shortcut with influencer marketing

Now, let’s review how influencer marketing provides a handy workaround to our “getting noticed” problem.

When you team up with the perfect social media influencer, you can circumvent this marketing challenge and generate instant buzz for your brand:

  • Your company gains instant access to a large pool of qualified and interested viewers, courtesy of your influencer;
  • Your marketing messages are delivered through a mouthpiece your audience trusts, building positive associations in their minds. If their favorite creator trusts your brand, then they’ll trust your brand.
  • Your campaign gains a hands-off element. As your influencer is paid to create content on your behalf, you gain a new type of content strategy that requires minimal input on your end.

Of course, influencer marketing is just one strategy in the social media marketer’s toolkit, but as social media spend continues to skyrocket and competition increases even further, these forward-thinking strategies will become essential to every company’s social media marketing.

Finding the perfect influencer

The key difference between Sisyphus’ fate and the world of social media marketing is that marketers aren’t sentenced to eternal torture. Sisyphus couldn’t escape his punishment, but marketers have the means to overcome their challenges and come out ahead.

Platforms such as Influential give your company a cutting-edge way to locate, assess, and connect with the influencers best suited to spread your message. Don’t waste another minute rolling that boulder up the hill. Contact Influential to learn about your options today.