With influencer marketing, the creators you partner with are everything.

It’s no surprise that so many companies have tapped into the value of connecting the right influencers to the right brands. The market is exploding, and there are so many creators out there that brands could never hope to view them all. Unfortunately, this blessing is also a curse. With so many potential influencers out there, how can brands guarantee they’ll find the right one?

The answer is to develop a system for vetting influencers that combines machine learning-based computing, your brand’s values, and the insights of your own team. These will guarantee that every partnership you have is profitable for your marketing goals.

Begin by filtering the top candidates

Your influencer vetting system begins by filtering through the masses of candidates to find the select few who align with your brand goals. Naturally, you’ll need the help of an influencer matchmaking provider to sort through this mess of social media users, a tally that’s expected to reach over 3 billion by 2021.

Influential’s approach is to use best-in-class computing (powered by IBM’s Watson) to vet as many candidates as possible on the metrics that matter most to brand marketing:

  • Psychographic personality variables
  • Account engagement metrics
  • User post history and online behaviors
  • Previous partnerships or brand associations
  • User target market demographics

Of course, this broad matching is only the first step.

Create a shortlist

While the psychographic tools offered by Influential’s platform provide great insights into each influencer, there’s a hands-on element to the process that machines can’t yet match. This is where talent agents and promoters come into play.

Each potential match has certain characteristics (such as the influencer’s personality, availability, and offline behaviors) that must be assessed. And if the data can’t be quantified on social profiles, it will need to be assessed in-person.

Make contact with top candidates

Take your shortlist of candidates and reach out to them. Or if the influencer has a talent agent, speak with him/her about setting up a meeting. Your goal here isn’t to learn about the candidates per se but, rather, to get a feel for their personalities and how well they’ll represent your brand. If a candidate loves your brand and comes with a built-in passion for your products, they’ll be a better choice than one who has more followers but is ambivalent about your company.

Build your relationship slowly

Above all, remember—take your time with the process! Influencer marketing doesn’t happen overnight. You’ll need to build relationships with candidates and test them out with short campaigns before investing too much into them. Indeed, you may want to start with product exchanges and free trials before talking cash. See how effective each influencer is in practice, and you’ll get an idea of which will be best suited to a stable and value-driving partnership.

Vetting can be quicker than you think

A long process of candidate vetting may seem like a hassle when your company is chomping at the bit to see marketing results. And in truth, it is a hassle. That’s why we’ve invested so much time into the Influential platform.
Through systems of smarter computing, we’re able to dig through the haystack faster than any other matchmaking platform and pull specific candidates for your influencer shortlist. From there, your own team will have the candidates (aligned with specific performance metrics) they need to assess each creator on a granular level. This will insure that they’ll be the best fit for your organization.

It’s a continuous system of vetting that brings the top talent to your door—all you have to do is sign off.