Knowing your audience is essential for any influencer campaign.

Tap into your market and understand what motivates it. This is crucial for creating content that resonates and inspires. In theory, influencers connect with their audience by engaging with them over social media platforms – effectively building relationships while being voices of authority in their field. In practice, however, a number of successful influencer campaigns are built on one of the most complex emotions: jealousy.

Making Your Audience Green with Envy

With the exception of news and social commentary, much of the content shared on social media platforms has a positive bias. Influencers are often depicted as having the perfect life that the rest of us aspire to obtain. The truth is that influencers are no different than the rest of us. Their always perfect persona is cultivated with the intention of capturing the follower’s interest.

And you know what? It works. When you look at influencers like Grant Cardone, it’s easy to see how triggering the reader’s jealousy is an effective tool. Grant Cardone represents the pinnacle of success for people interested in business and sales. He’s wealthy, influential, and more importantly, he built his fortune from the ground-up. Among entrepreneurs and business professionals, Cardone’s online persona represents their own personal goal.
Whether influencers are truly living the good life or not is irrelevant. What’s important is that they produce content that highlights their perfect lifestyle. After all, people look at influencers as a source of inspiration and may look at the influencer’s lifestyle when creating their own goals.

It’s about What Your Audience Wants

The best way to insure that influencers and talent coordinators produce engaging content is by first understanding their audience. Once you know what your audience wants, you can build your content around their needs. Not only does this make influencers more interesting to their followers, it also increases engagement rates as followers ask questions and look for advice from their favorite social media personalities.

Influencers are not everyday people. Instead, they’re everyday people who’ve become successful or famous. Unlike celebrities, virtually anyone can become an influencer with the right platform and content behind them, which is why selling the picture-perfect lifestyle is so important. Your audience is more likely to believe that they too can achieve that lifestyle when they see an influencer living the good life.