Your influencer marketing campaign shouldn’t be advertisements but, rather, a narration of your brand. Here’s what you need to know about influencer marketing.

Influencer marketing has become one of the most effective tools for generating buzz and building a solid brand identity. In fact, more than 90% of customers surveyed admitted that they trust reviews from individuals more than they do advertisements.

From a psychological perspective, influencer marketing works because customers want to engage with people – not companies. Being able to tell a story that resonates with people is the first step toward building a brand identity that people know and love.

Authenticity above Everything Else

Influencer marketing is only as effective as the person promoting your brand. The key difference between advertisements and influencer marketing campaigns is authenticity. A good influencer marketing campaign doesn’t try to force a brand on its audience. Instead, the influencer talks about his or her own experiences with your brand in a positive way, telling a story instead of giving a sales pitch.

People respond to these stories better because they’re believable. But in order for that to work, you must first find the right person to represent your brand. Just like the right packaging is important for grabbing customers’ attention in the store, the right influencer is important for grabbing their attention online.

How to Find the Perfect Influencer

Short answer: you can’t. There’s no such thing as the perfect influencer, but there is such a thing as the right influencer for your brand. To obtain that, you need to first research influencers and find out who has the right audience and personality to match your product. After all, you probably wouldn’t want a professional wrestler becoming the spokesperson for your finance software.

As you search for an influencer, make sure to look for someone who’s built a reputation in your product’s field. If they’ve already established themselves as a voice of authority in that industry, people are more likely to believe in your influencer marketing campaign.

Ideally, you also want to work with an influencer who engages with his or her following. Part of what makes influencer marketing effective is that you’re able to turn the influencer’s following into your own personal marketing platform; but if the influencer isn’t taking the time to engage with the audience to maintain that relationship, you’ll have a harder time connecting with the influencer’s followers.

Bringing Your Brand to Life

Influencer marketing is an important part of brand development – but it isn’t the be all, end all. A social media personality who can’t talk about your brand in an interesting and genuine way is nothing more than an overpriced advertisement.

Therefore, finding the right influencer to represent your product can bring your brand to life. And the best way to find this person is by looking at how different influencers narrate stories, not how many followers they’ve accumulated.