They say the internet is written in ink. In truth, it’s more like it’s chiseled in granite. When businesses make mistakes in the highly-public arena of social media marketing, the blemishes are hard to wipe clean. The internet is filled with horror stories about these types of promotions gone wrong—influencers don’t pay attention to the sponsored posts they’re supposed to be promoting, they get caught in angry tirades that rub off on their followers, or they engage in deceptive practices that raise red flags for the Federal Trade Commission.

Because of this, any organization putting its good name in the hands of social media influencers need to make sure they understand who these people are, what history they have, and what type of content they’re putting out.

End-to-End Client Control

Most influencer connection platforms are so busy touting their benefits and value propositions that they neglect one of the most important aspects of influencer marketing: Brand safety. As noted above, giving control of your carefully cultivated brand name can go awry if the influencer chosen isn’t carefully vetted.

But after the influencer is on board, the matching company’s job isn’t done—quality influencer matching companies take a hands-on approach to protect each brand/influencer partnership they create. Influential takes a five-step approach to brand safety:

  1. Influencer notified of campaign offer – Influential reaches out candidates who are matched on numerous social, demographic, and psychographic variables that best align with the client’s brand. This initial step is the most critical, so Influential combs through all aspects of a candidate’s online presence, from social feeds to deleted posts to DUI and felony checks.
  2. Influencer receives details and accepts offer – Influential works with the influencer on behalf of the brand to negotiate terms and sign them up.
  3. Influencer submits content – All influencer-submitted content is first viewed by Influential to ensure its quality and specificity to the parent brand.
  4. Brand approves content or requests changes – Influential submits approved content to the brand representative for revisions and final approval.
  5. The Influential technology deploys the post on behalf of the influencer – The final post is entered into the Influential platform where it’s deployed at a time of the brand’s choosing.

Real-Time Brand Safety

This five-step system provides complete end-to-end client control for all content published, and can make the difference between an effective marketing strategy and a PR nightmare. This strategy guarantees that every brand has a comprehensive understanding of each of the de facto marketers that they bring on staff. There are no surprise posts, no off-brand messages, and no grammatical mistakes. Influential’s brand safety tools provides complete control over a company’s social presence, no matter how many influencers are spreading their message.