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Influencer marketing programs are only as good as the data behind them. Let Influential's AI and machine learning algorithms guide you through every campaign phase so the right decisions are made to maximize your ROI.

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AI Informed Creative

AI Informed Creative

Beautiful content is just the start. Influential uses AI based tools to perfectly match concepts to brands for maximum performance.

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Influencer Selection with Watson™

At the core of Influential's platform is a selection engine that analyzes crucial data points to intelligently match brands with influencers.

Icon Brand Match Scoring

Brand Match Score™

Influencers are scored and surfaced for brands based on contextual relevance, psychographic data and audience demographics.

Icon Brand Approval

Brand Safe Approval System

Brands and ad agencies stay in control of content creation at all times by approving each part of a post before a campaign runs.

Icon Team Collab

Team Collaboration Tools

Influencer marketing is a collaborative process. Influential makes it easy for teams to select influencers and approve content in real-time.

Icon Present Reports

Presentation-Ready Reports

After a campaign runs, an in-depth analysis of its performance is generated with an assist from IBM Watson™ and delivered in a beautiful report.

Manage Campaigns in a Snap

Influential's intuitive campaign dashboard gives you a birds eye view of all campaign activity that requires action.

Manage Campaigns

Select the Right Influencers Right Away

Randomly searching influencer lists are inefficient and ineffective. Influential uses a proprietary Brand Match Score™ to suggest the best matched influencers for your brand and campaign goals. Influencers are identified by vertical then analyzed for audience demographic data, contextual relevance, personality insights, related affinities and other key performance metrics.

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Influencer Content

Seamless Content Approval that Works

Stay in the driver's seat and ensure content meets the requirements of the campaign. Post copy and media require individual approval so brands always stay in control of their message.

Intuitive Collaboration for Decision Makers

Comment privately with your team on suggested influencers, share selection responsibilities and even send publicly viewable lists to colleagues and clients without requiring login credentials.

Conditional Learnings

Beautiful Deep-Data Recaps

Understand campaign results at the deepest levels and apply learnings to future campaigns. Influential's recaps are so powerful they have a reputation of their own.

Start Maximizing Your ROI

Influential leverages AI and machine learning to make influencer programs turnkey and effective. See how we optimize campaigns for the world's top brands and ad agencies.